ECOC 2022 Long Event

Monday, September 5, 2021

Sutton area (100 km east of Montreal)


Embargo Area

(For both Middle and Long terrains)


The parking is on the field at the arena. In case of overflow, you can park along the road near the arena.,-72.6631393,409m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en


Portable toilets will be situated near the arena.

Maps & Terrain

The Middle and Long events will use a new map of the terrain near Sutton. The terrain was used for the Canadian Championships in 1997, organized by John Charlow, the long-time former president of Ramblers OC.

All the forest is private property, whose landowners graciously allowed us to hold an event there. The few who rejected our request are shown as “out of access” areas on the map.

The forest is mixed, with some areas that look like a park to some that are very dense. There is significant number of swamps.

There are areas with a lot of dead falls and uncleaned after the logging activities of the past. These are shown with green stripes.

A fixture of many Quebec forests is rootstocks. They are shown as green crosses. There are few hundreds of them on each map.

Some slopes are quite steep, pay attention. After a rain, they can be very slippery.

Cliffs mapped as passable are 1 – 2 m high, with various degrees of slope and shape. Impassable cliffs (mapped with a thicker black line) are 2 – 10m high.  As some are high and potentially dangerous, please stay away from the edges. Good route choices should not go via dangerous cliffs.

Water features (marshes, streams) may look a little different than mapped, depending on the amount of the rainfall leading up to the event.

Most trails on the terrain are made by tractors and SUVs, and are wide. The symbols used to show them depend on how they look. Some barely visible old logging tracks are shown with indistinct trail or narrow ride symbols. There are only few trails that are made by walking and therefore are narrow.

Emergency bearing is east (both for Middle and Long races, TBC).

Map scale: 1:7500 to 1:15000, see the table below. Contour interval: 5 m; Map size:  8.5 x 11 inches.

The start is near the Arena. Each course will have 1-3 water controls. Course Time Limit:  3 hrs.

Old maps of Sutton

Sutton 1971Sutton 1976

Course Setter Notes

The course setter notes are now available!


Function Person in Charge
Course Setter Anna Fichman
Event director Dmitri Golovanov
Controller Richard Guttormson
Map Dmitri Golovanov


Classes & Recommended Winning Times (RWT)

Please check http: (TBD) for details of climbs.

Course TD Classes Scale Length, km Controls Climb,


RWT Long
1 1 M10  F10   Open1 1:7500 35
2 2 M12  F12   Open 2 1:7500 35
3 3 M14  F14   Open 3 1:10000 35
4 4 M16  F16   Open 4 1:10000 55
5 5 M75 M80 M85 M90   F75 F80 F85 F90   Open 5 1:7500 50
6 5 M65  F18  F45 F55  F65   Open 6 1:10000 55
7 5 M18  M45  M55  F20  F21  F35   Open 7 1:10000 70
8 5 M20   M35


1:10000 1 :15000 90